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YJS Advisory Board

YJS Advisory Board

Walk My Path

Walk My Path

VFC Advisory Board

VFC Advisory Board

Bespoke Training and Development for Professionals

Voice for Children offer bespoke training which we can tailor make for your service depending on what you are looking for. Voice for Children are specialists in helping the development of professionals working with Children and Young people in care or on the edge of care.

Voice for Children have created various bespoke training programmes called 'The World Through our Eyes,' 'Walking My Path,' and Councillor training. This training was developed to help professionals understand how children and young people on the edge of or in care feel.

Walking My Path

Activity one:

Within the activity participants will get the opportunity to hear care leavers experience of the care system. You will hear the stories in a creative way where you will get the opportunity to give your views.

Activity two:

This is an activity where you will be using your experience and expertise to start the training off. This activity will aim to help you understand how children and young people feel when they are in the care system or on the edge of care when it comes to them making decisions.

Activity three: 

This activity asks you to reflect on childhood and asks you to consider some differences for children in the care system. It gives professionals the chance to reflect on the differences in their lifestyles.

Activity four:

This activity aims to give you the opportunity to reflect on the communication with young people and how body language can show if you care or not.

Activity five:

This is an activity which will help you understand that everyone is different and the same approach won't work for everyone.

Activity six:

This is a speed dating activity which will give you the opportunity to look at problems that children face in care and give you the opportunity to explore how you would deal with these issues.

Activity seven: 

This is when a care leaver will share their story in great detail to help each other understand different services which come into contact with young people before they come into care and to help professionals understand different behaviours young people can display.

Activity eight:

Aims at allowing staff to self-reflect about what they can do to make a difference.

This training is very insightful and and it gave us the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. It has helped us become more young person focused and given us the opportunity to reflect on our practice. - Anonymous.

Councillor Training

Sometimes professionals forget about how their actions may effect a child as it is there job to protect the child, this training does aim to bring all staff from a strategic to frontline to realise how these children and young people may feel.

"This training should be mandatory for all proffesionals working with children in care, absolutely fantastic" 

"I’ve had several staff members come to my office to tell me how much they got out of the meeting with Voice for Children. They have asked when and if you’ll be back, as they want to do it all again! 

Professionals will be given the opportunity to hear two young peoples stories of being in the care system from Cheshire East, as well as hearing these stories they will also be engaging in activities which will make professionals feel very similar as to how children in or on the edge of care feel. This then means that as professionals you will have the opportunity to self reflect upon your practice and how you may do things differently.


Voice for Children are currently mentoring vulnerable Young People from Cheshire East. We are looking to expand our capacity by increasing the number of mentors we currently have.  Voice for Children have been working in Partnership with Cheshire East Council and the Youth Justice Service helping service users gain confidence and giving them a helping hand in making their futures brighter. We are also expanding the service we offer to young people within the care system. Voice for Children are now implementing our own mentoring programme.

Due to the need of more mentors Voice for Children are offering an amazing opportunity for anyone aged over 18 who we shall lrecruit, train and match you with Young People who you can Mentor. You shall receive a Level 2 Qualification in Mentoring. We are looking for individuals who are passionate about helping and forming close relationships with Young People to help them achieve and succeed.

"In 2015, the programme helped a child come forward about being a victim of CSE and get the support they needed." - Safeguarding Chair

Knowsley safeguarding chair - the survey completed made 1 child come forward about being a victim of CSE 2015

If this is something you are interested in, please submit an application via our mentoring online form.


A major part of the work Voice for Children carry out is Consultancy. Our Director has 20years experience of the care system and use his unique experiences to inform professionals on the best way of getting the child's voice central to everything they do. We do this in a number of ways:

Firstly Voice for Children offer a service in which we are able to contact a vast array of Children and Young People within your area, and we also have ways in which we can consult and find out views of your children and young people. Alot of the time Voice for Children do these activities as "focus" groups in which we gather young people togther and do activities to help young people feel supported in having a voice.

Voice for Children is a completely independent organisation so therefore Children and Young People tend to open up alot more to ourselves as an organisation, Voice for Children work extremely hard and have put alot of effort in desgning the way in which we work making it essential that work we carry out is not tokenistic and the work which we carry out also informs Local Auhtorities/organisations rather than ticking a box and the work we do leads to real change and their voices being heard.

We can help you become more child focused and help you create innvovative ways to ensure you are acting upon what young people are telling you.

Cheshire East Safeguarding Chair Board

Cheshire East Safeguarding Chair Board is the organisation responsible for ensuring that the different agencies in our area, such as schools, hospitals, the police and children’s services, work together effectively to protect and promote children's safety and well-being.

In particular we're here to make sure that no child at risk ever falls through the 'cracks' and that any concern from any quarter is quickly shared and acted on.

This is all driven by our vision that every child and young person  should be able to grow up safe from maltreatment, neglect, accidental injury or death, bullying and discrimination, crime and anti-social behaviour.

How Voice for Children make a difference
We are Young People's Champions and have joined the CELSCB Board to represent the views of children and young people and challenge Board members on their behalf. Voice for Children  provide feedback from young people and feedback to the Youth Council and its networks and are a Conduit between the board and Children and Young People.

Challenge Boards
Another piece of work we carried out was sitting on the Challenge board for the Cheshire East Local Safeguarding Chair Board (CELSCB). We met various partners such as the Police, NHS, Schools etc. and challenged them as to how they carry out their services to Young People.Voice for Children also asked questions to challenge provision based on what is important to children and young people. Partners were asked questions to ensure that they fully understood how important it was for them to take on board the necessity of involving Young People.

Involving Voice for Children brought a new perspective to the Challenge Sessions and identified areas for development that may not otherwise have been explored. Participants in the Challenge Sessions commented very positively on the role of Voice for Children.

"Voice for Children's questions were good and very probing."

"The views of Voice for Children provided a particularly insightful range of ideas and gave education partners a helpful insight to the work they have done and are intending to do." 


Quality Assurance

Another service which Voice for Children offer is Quality Assurance. Voice for Children can offer a very unique service when it comes to inspecting childrens homes or any service you commison which provides a service for Children and Young People.

Due to Voice for Children team members having the experience they do which include having been involved with many services, to being looked after by these services also. This allows Voice for Children to have different expectations and also approach the quality assurance completely diffrent to other organisations.

The way in which we work has been called "innovative" and we are curretly awaiting feedback from Cheshire East Council about the work we are doing for them in this area.

The work Voice for Children has done in some Local Authorities in regards to quality assurance visits has resulted in young people opening up to Voice for Children about how they really find there placement as young people see us as 'on their level'. This has meant that Local Authories have been able ot find out information about placements which they wouldnt have know without the support of Voice for Children.

When you use Voice for Children for your Reg 44 you can be guaranteed a thorough, impartial and detailed independent visit. Acting as a critical friend Voice for Children will visit your service and provide a detailed report and action plan. Our reports are designed to be aspirational and showcase the progressive outcomes of your service. We also offer recommendations, suggestions and actions that might be considered where shortfalls are identified.

We currently carry out Cheshire East and St Helens Reg 44 visits.

We really enjoyed reading your reports (both the full version and the children's versions).  The reports are both thorough, informative and give a clear picture of the health and wellbeing of children looked after by St Helens. Wellbeing has improved since Voice for Children were involved. 

We can help providers showcase their achievements, their outcome measurements and their development plans going forward.

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Voice for Children provides one to one and group befriending support, enabling children and young people to engage weekly with a positive adult mentor.


what is it?

We are looking to train potential mentors who shall work directly with some of the most vulnerable young people within Cheshire.

what to do next?

We are committed to fund your training and we shall set up a support network in which we can help you be the best you can be.

apply now

If you are interested please complete our online mentoring application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Walking My Path

Voice for Children have created a bespoke training programme to help professionals understand 'how it feels' to be in care.


This activity will be when you get the opportunity to hear two care leavers experience of the care system. You will hear the stories in a creative way where you will get the opportunity to give your views.


This activity will aim to make you understand how children and young people may feel when they are in the care system or on the edge of care when it comes to them making decisions, both short and long term.


You will discuss what you had as a child. It give professionals the opportunity to reflect on the differences in lifestyles.


This activity offers you an insight into how children and young people feel when they come into contact with a new professional in their life.


A time period dedicated to self reflection, feedback and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Voice for Children was originally a consultancy service where they would make recommendations to local authorities about how they can better engage with children and young people, due to the impact the organization had on the local authorities there was a need for the organization to offer more services.

Voice for Children now offers a mentoring service for the Youth Engagement Service and for children in or on the edge of care. Voice for Children has also collected the views of these service user’s and then made proposals for change to theses services which are not being acted upon.

The training is very insightful and provides the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. Professionals have told us that the training has helped them to become more young people focused and gave them the opportunity to reflect on their practice.

Before any training session we debrief the group on the subjects that will be discussed. We ensure that every individual feels comfortable and understands that they can leave at any point. Any potentially upsetting subject matters, such as CSE - are treated in a respectful, cautious manner.


Contact us

Voice for Children provides advice and guidance, bespoke training and development programmes together with mentoring schemes designed specifically for vulnerable children and young people.

​Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of these services or have any questions about the services Voice for Children can provide. 




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