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Making children and young people's futures brighter.

Voice for Children, Cheshire, offers children and young people living in the care system an opportunity to learn about their rights and responsibilities and professionals are taught how to effectively engage with children and young people, to involve them in the decisions that directly affect their life and future.

Voice for Children

Voice for Children is a Community Interest Company (Non-for Profit) was established in 2014. VfC is unique in the sense that our CEO who is also a Founder, has had 20 years direct experience of the care system, as well as experience of the youth and adult criminal justice services.

Voice for Children services are anchored in best practice and all initiatives, activities and interventions are designed to reflect the values and ethos of the organisation we are working with whilst meeting the UNCRC articles. We Aim To:


    We inspire Local Authorities, Organisations and Professionals to be more child centric around their practice, and Inspire them to engage and participate young people more creatively to improve outcomes.

    Voice for Children work to empower young people people to engage with services to ensure their voice is being heard. We work with young people to co-produce services targeted at themselves, to increase user participation and to be empowered to challenge and hold organisations to account.

    Voice for Children champion the views of children and young people to ensure they get the best service and care possible.
  • Challenge/Enagage

    We challenge Local Authorities, Organisations to ensure all practice is child centred and that services they offer, young people have been consulted or involved in the co-production of these .
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Driven by experience, VfC campaign, research and influence policy and practice.

Voice for Children specialise in enabling organisations to re-engineer their approach to the engagement of children and young people in the design, delivery and evaluation of child-centric services.

We strongly believe that all children should be listened to, taken seriously, informed of everything to do with their lives and that they should be central to all professionals’ work undertaken with and on behalf of them.


Great session, really great to hear young people's current views on the service, and their views on how we can co produce services to improve their outcomes.

Paul Dukes

Youth Justice Services
Thoroughly enjoyed the CSE training by Voice for Children, really opened my eyes! CSE is serious and not a joke :(

Kayode Damali



Engagement with young people is innovative and influential, and there are clear examples of where this has had an impact on policy development and service delivery.

Ofsted Inspection feedback

"Engagement with young people is innovative and influential, and there are clear examples of where this has had an impact on policy development and service delivery"

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Voice for Children are offering an amazing opportunity for anyone aged 18 plus. We shall train and match you with young people seeking your support. You will also receive a AQA accredited qualification in Mentoring.

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